.. / HYPERION Soundtrack

Here is the list of ports that were featured in the soundtrack of my SMW Romhack HYPERION. Note: to get the tracks to play nicely here, the original SPCs were imperfectly converted to MP3. Please visit the track links below to hear the more accurate versions on SMW Central.

Location Track Porter Link
Play Abyssal Spire "White Palace" from Hollow Knight Maxodex Link
Play Abyssal Spire (Boss) "Mantis Lords" from Hollow Knight Maxodex Link
Play Abyssal Spire - Entrance "Koyaanisqatsi" from Philip Glass Daizo Dee Von Link
Play Angry Squares "Game BGM 6" from NBA Give 'N Go DanTheVP Link
Play Arid Acropolis "The Mountains" from Asterix & Obelix Soundtrack ggamer77 Link
Play Arid Acropolis (Boss) "Porky's Pokies" from Mother 3 Apple Link
Play Arid Acropolis (Secret) "Fearless Challenger" from La-Mulana Dippy Link
Play Beach House "Accumula Town" from Pokemon Black/White Giftshaven Link
Play Beta Particles "Ninjas Are Still the Hardest" from A.A. Kurtz Wyatt Link
Play Cetacean Station "Shamrip" from Lotus 3 Dippy Link
Play Credits "Flame Repellent" from Fearofdark Sinc-X Link
Play Dino Dance "Dreempipes" from Jazz Jackrabbit Dippy Link
Play Flight Hazard "Deckstar" from Jazz Jackrabbit Milon Luxy Link
Play Flitter Cave "Approaching Shadows" from Super Robot Taisen Sinc-X Link
Play Geothermology "Barrel Volcano" from Super Mario RPG imamelia Link
Play Ghostly Grotto "Part 1" from Bubba 'n' Stix (Amiga) Dippy Link
Play Glacial Peak "Arid Canyon Zone Act 1" from Sonic Robo Blast 2 bebn legg Link
Play Goal Tape "Round Clear" from Streets of Rage Nameless Link
Play Lava Foothills "Plant Man" from Mega Man 6 Samantha Link
Play Magma Chute "Gotham City Cathedral" from Batman: The V ideo Game Yuzu Link
Play Murky Mire "Treetop Tumble" from Donkey Kong Country 3 ggamer77 Link
Play Not The Red Keep "Breathless" from Lotus 3 Dippy Link
Play Not The Red Keep (Boss) "Boss" from Plok SiameseTwins Link
Play Overgrown Castle "Concrete Jungle" from Mega Man 9 Infinity Link
Play Overgrown Castle (Secret) "Game Theme" from The Chessmaster Dippy Link
Play Overworld - Main "Dark World" from The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past ggamer77 Link
Play Overworld - Cave Submap "Dark Halls" from Doom (PC) com_poser Link
Play Overworld - Forest Submap "Mysterious Woods" from Link's Awakenin CK Crash Link
Play Overworld - Lava Submap "Tail Cave" from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Lui Link
Play Overworld - Starworld Submap "Robot Waiting Room #1" from Portal 2 TadeLn Link
Play Power Plant "Chemical Plant Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Nameless Link
Play Power Plant (Secret) "Green" from Love Escalator Sinc-X Link
Play Prickly Pool "Castle" from Yoshi's Island Jimmy Link
Play Salty Shoals "Steam Gardens" from Super Mario Odyssey HaruMKT Link
Play Shifting Sands "Arabic Coffee" from Original ThinkOneMoreTime Link
Play Sweet Ascent "Stardust Speedway Zone (Past)" from Sonic CD HaruMKT Link
Play The Amityvilla "Naufrages" from Original Moose Link
Play The Amityvilla (Boss) "Steinway to Heaven" from Crypt of the Necrodance Wakana Link
Play Titlescreen "Milyang Fortress" from Fortress 2 Blue brickblock369 Link
Play Triathlon "Ground Man (MM7 Style)" from Mega Man & Bass Dippy Link
Play Triathlon (Secret) "Apoplexy Tanks" from Mario Forever AntiDuck Link
Play Woolly Pass "Medivo" from Jazz Jackrabbit Samantha Link
Play Woolly Pass (Secret) "Rattle Battle/Snakey Chantey" from Donkey Kong Country 2 HaruMKT Link