All public resources using in my Super Mario World hack HYPERION. If you're looking for the music in HYPERION, you can check out this soundtrack page.

This isn't accurate to the 2022 update.

Author(s) Resource Type
Akaginite Boo Ring Sprite
Alcaro et al. asar 1.71 Tool
Alcaro Double Spinjump Antifail Patch
Alcaro Floating IPS 1.31 Tool
Alcaro Pendulum Ball N' Chain Sprite
Alcaro Rope Fix Patch
Alcaro Time Up Fix Patch
Alcaro, Erik, westslasher2 Autosave + Bring Up Save Prompt by pressing Select UberASM
anonimzwx Customizable Bowling Ball Sprite
anonimzwx Divisible Boo Sprite
Atari2.0, JackTheSpades, Tattletale PIXI 1.2.13 Tool
Ayami Factory background from Doraemon 3: Nobita to Toki no Hougyoku Graphic
Ayami Layer 2 Background Auto-Scroll UberASM
Berk Chocolate Island from Super Mario World Graphic
Berk Fog from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Graphic
Berk Forest from Super Mario World Graphic
Berk Starry Sky from Super Mario World Graphic
Bio Tightrope Block
Blind Devil Hypothermia UberASM
carol Overworld Speed Changer Patch
Darolac, Mandew Invisible Sprite Killer Box v1.1 Sprite
Davros, mikeyk Donut Lift Block v1.1 Block
dtothefourth Block/Sprite Regions Patch
dtothefourth Custom Throw Block Sprite
dtothefourth Falling Pillar Sprite
dtothefourth Programmable Ball and Chain Sprite
dtothefourth Toggle Statusbar UberASM
DuskSpark Warp With Message Change Block Block
edit1754 et al. No More Sprite Tile Limits v1.2 Patch
Erik, smkdan Cloud Drop Sprite
EternityLarva Jumping Piranha Plant Plus Sprite
FuSoYa Lunar Magic 3.11 Tool
HammerBrother Bounceless on/off switch block Block
HammerBrother GreenHammerBro's SMB3 screen scrolling pipes 3.2.14 Block
HammerBrother Key lock blocks Block
HammerBrother One-way blocks 1.2 Block
HarvettFox96 Large Font from Mario is Missing Graphic
Hinalyte Volcano background from Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 3 Graphic
HuFlungDu Status Effect Tool
idol Dedede Resort: Stage 6 from Kirby Mass Attack Graphic
imamelia Bowser Statue Sprite
imamelia Clouds from Super Mario World Graphic
imamelia Mega Mole Sprite
imamelia Pokey Sprite
imamelia SMW Urchin Sprite
KevinM Custom Flying Question Mark Block Sprite
KevinM Customizable Reznor v1.2 Sprite
KevinM Horizontal/Vertical Autoscroll UberASM
KevinM Lower Volume When Pausing Patch
KevinM Toxic Block v1.01 Block
Kipernal AddmusicK 1.0.7 Tool
Kipernal, Major Flare Blockreator 1.3 Tool
Koopster Hurt Yoshi Block
Ladida Cluster Effects Pack Sprite
leod ON/OFF Cooldown UberASM
lolcats439 Walljump/Note Block Glitch Fix v1.6 Patch
Lor994 Sky from Oscar Theater Graphic
Lui, wiiqwertyuiop Minimalist Course Clear Patch
lx5, worldpeace Retry System (+ multiple checkpoints) Patch
Mandew Ceiling Thwimp Sprite
Mandew Low Gravity UberASM
Mandew Mandew's Platform Megapack v1.0 Sprite
MarioE Sprite Kill Muncher Block
MarioE Switch Pack Block
MarioFanGamer Customisable Shooter v1.0 Sprite
MarioFanGamer Doors Block
MarkAlarm Cluster Bullet Shooter Sprite
Masterlink Beach from Super Adventure Island Graphic
Mathos, RussianMan Surprise Monty Mole Sprite
Merio Underground background from Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 3 Graphic
mzuenni Graphic Editor Tool
NekohDot PorcuPuffer Sprite
NekohDot, leod Upside-down Volcano Lotus Sprite
Nowieso Customizable Sprite Killer Block
Ramp202 No Silent Bullet Bill Patch
RealLink Pyramid/Temple from DK: King of Swing Graphic
RealLink Turn Block Bridge Sprite
Romi Gusty Sprite
Roy and Sonikku Quicksand Blocks Block
Roy Boo Block Sprite
Roy Nintendo Presents Custom Palette v1.1 Patch
RussianMan Springy Bubble/Bubble Platform Sprite
Sonikku Airship from Super Mario Maker Graphic
Super Maks 64 Mario Solid and Sprite Solid Blocks Block
Tattletale and lolcats439 Block Duplication Fix v1.5 Patch
Tattletale et al. Thwomp Pack Sprite
Telinc1, dahnamics Fake Ghost Door Sprite
TheBiob Air Bubble Shooter Sprite
TheBiob, p4plus2 Gopher Popcorn Stew 1.4.1 Tool
Thehoundsquad Underground 2 from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Graphic
Thomas Counterbreak UberASM
Thomas Horizontal/Vertical Level Wrap UberASM
Tornado Underground from Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 3 Graphic
Vitor Vilela UberASM Tool 1.4 Tool
YY Creator YY-CHR .NET version Tool